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Program Overview
Software Maintenance Upgrade (SMU) Program

Honeywell’s SMU provides an enhanced level of service by providing increased awareness of new releases, updates, patches and fixes. Backed by world class service through global presence, Honeywell can provide better support for you and your customers whenever you need it most.

Critical to Your Customers Security
Keeping their Honeywell system operational is critical to the security of their business. Honeywell’s Software Maintenance Upgrade (SMU) program ensures maximum performance from their investment.

  • Includes the latest software releases
  • Keeps your system up-to-date
  • System performance is maximized
SMU | Standard level of services

New Releases: Upgrade existing software to the newest version – typically includes many new feature sets, capabilities and other improvements

Service Packs: Adds new features to existing versions and corrects or improves system functionality

Patches: Corrects or improves existing features – may include more than one improvement

SMU 24/7 | Add on to our standard level of services

– Includes emergency (system down) telephone technical support outside standard business hours – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

– Includes remote connections to a system to diagnose issues and help maintain system performance

– Includes remote system configuration to improve system functionality and optimization

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